Sherlock translations
withoutawish The River Variations

John Watson never knew that he wanted a ‘no toast in the mornings’ normal until he realized what an honor it is to be destroyed by Sherlock Holmes.

Written for Johnlock Challenges: “The modern take of The Three Garridebs; essentially, John is wounded during a case and Sherlock loses his mind a little bit. And then gayness. Obviously that last bit is where it deviates from canon…or is it? Any rating.”

@темы: Язык: английский, Рейтинг: PG-13, Жанры: Hurt/comfort, Размер: мини, Категории: слеш, Завершенность: закончен на языке оригинала, Жанры: флафф, Жанры: соулмейты, Жанры: романтика