Sherlock translations
Morwen_Maranwe I'm a Flame and You're my Fire

After being shot and invalided from the Army, John is living a despondent life with a wife who has no respect and no love for him any longer, yet he is desperate to make their marriage work. In a last ditch effort to save their marriage, he moves them out of London and to some small, nameless town where his good friend, Mike Stamford, has been able to get him a job as a teacher at a secondary school. There he meets a teenage boy who he has an undeniable connection to, and who has the ability to make his life seem less meaningless. Though he knows that it’s wrong, John just can’t stop the relationship he is developing with Sherlock from growing. It slowly begins to spiral out of control, consuming his entire life like a wild fire and changing him in ways he didn’t think were possible anymore.

@темы: Жанры: АУ, Категории: слеш, Завершенность: закончен на языке оригинала, Жанры: учебные заведения, Жанры: тинлок, Жанры: романтика, Жанры: первый раз, Жанры: Джон!крутой, Пейринг: Шерлок/Джон, Размер: макси, Рейтинг: NC-21, Спецтег: серия, Язык: английский