Sherlock translations
MojoFlower Wrapped Around Your Finger

Virgin!Sherlock, 18 and just out of school, is in Morocco in the early 1900's to learn about the ways of the world. Dr. John Watson, lately of the British Army and invalided out at age of 36, picks him up in the market place. Lessons (you know what kind) are taught and absorbed. Inspired by the song Wrapped Around Your Finger by The Police. I'd say PWP, except there's a soupçon of plot, given that it's a story worked around the lyrics of the song.

@темы: Жанры: PWP, Жанры: БДСМ, Жанры: учебные заведения, Завершенность: закончен на языке оригинала, Категории: слеш, Пейринг: Шерлок/Джон, Размер: миди, Рейтинг: NC-21, Язык: английский